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About us

“Kotlozavod “Krieger” Ltd.

The production site was established in 1944 year as a Handicraft Company. Specialization of the plant was based on the production of industrial food equipment and its repairing. Since 1999, the company has been retrained to producing of the boiler equipment choosing the prospective line of heating equipment. The plant is a part of the energy holding "Krieger."

The main activity of the company is designing and production of:

  • solid biomass fuel boilers with power up to 3.5 MW.
  • mechanized stocks for fuel supply.
  • systems of automatically cleaning of inside surfaces of the boiler.
  • systems of automatic ash removal.
  • flue gas cleaning systems.
  • SAC of the boilers and heating equipment.
  • economizers.
  • automated solid coal boilers with power up to 1.75 MW.
  • gas water tube boilers with power 0.5-3.5 MW.
  • solid biomass steam boilers with power 1t / h - 15t / h.

The company has its own closed cycle of manufacturing boilers, which is built in full compliance with the requirements of international quality management system ISO 9001:2008.

Design Bureau of the company today has developed more than 75 types of heating equipment of different models. For project development of heating equipment and boilers we use all the modern knowledges and software.

Quality control of innovative as well as serial models held by our specialists in our own laboratory which possibilities enable to test heating equipment with power up to 3.50 MW.

Modern production equipment of the best world manufacturers (Vanad - Czech Republic, Fronius - Austria, Hypertherm - USA), modern technologies (technology of orbital welding of thetube sheets, powder coating of metals, precision investment casting, the use of heat-resistant concrete), intellectual capital and highly skilled specialists and responsibility to the environment allowed the company during this time make 2800 ecologically safe boilers of various types.


Sale of boilers for solid fuels, TD Krieger, 2009
10003 Ukraine, Zhitomir, Schorsa street 81