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1) Contact person responsible for the specified information
2) Boilerhouse
2.1 Heat-transfer agent:
2.2 Parameter requirements:

2.3 Fuel supply principle:
2.4 Fuel:

2.5 Ash handling:
2.6 Heat Exchanger Cleaning System:
2.7 Fuel composition:
3) Heat utilization
3.1 Room heating:

Dimensions of the heated room:

3.2 Hot water supply:

The required amount of hot water:

3.3 Heating for the drying chambers:

Chamber capacity:

3.4 Heat utilization for other technological purposes:
4) Construction and installation work
5) Additional equipment
1) General project data
Client / Investor:

Project name:



Platform Location:

Expected implementation schedule (approval of the plan, signing of the contract, building permit, delivery of the project):

Reconstruction / new installation:

2) Planning
The current stage of the project (preliminary draft / plan approval):

The stage of obtaining environmental permits (IPPC, Environmental Impact Assessment, etc.):

3) Installation site
Location (address, rural / urban)?:

Existing / New building (available data in case of existing building):

Stage of construction planning (plan not yet submitted / already submitted / approved). In the case of an already approved design permit, please provide the plan / plan of the area and the height of the building, or, if planning is underway, indicate the general dimensions of the building.:

Are there any restrictions regarding the building (height / length of the boiler room, size of the place for the condensing unit, size of the room for storing fuel, orientation of the building, etc.)?:

Are there any specific geographical or environmental restrictions (noise / emissions, roads, etc.)?:

Fuel specification
Fuel type:

Qty (t/a):

Calories (MJ/kg):

Density (kg/m3):

Size/Granulation (mm):

Humidity (%m):

Ash content (% m):

C (%m):

H (%m):

O (%m):

N (%m):

S (%m):

Cl (%m):

F (%m):

Metals (mg/kg):

(%m) – percent by weight

Fuel Preparation (Processing/Grinding Plant - On/Off Site):

Type and frequency and amount of fuel for transportation:

Additional requirements for fuel preparation (grinding):

Changes in fuel supply depending on preliminary or final analysis (CV, humidity, ash, composition, element-wise):

Required storage capacity (uptime hours at 100% load):

4) System specification
General information:
Available data in case of reconstruction:

Fuel power

Factory availability (24 hours / day, days / weeks, hours / year?):

Energy/Steam/Heat Production:
System priority (waste reduction/disposal, electricity production, heat/steam production, etc.)?:

Details of electricity needs, heat/steam (process steam or hot water parameters (quantity/pressure/temperature), heat use: central heating, greenhouse heating, etc.)?:

System requirements (maximum output electric power or efficiency, minimum/maximum/average power of process steam or thermal load, etc.)?:

Preferred condensing unit (direct air/water cooled condenser, direct air/water cooled condenser with cooling tower, other):

Water availability for a possible water-cooled condenser (groundwater/river/quantity/temperature):

Flue gas / water / noise / emissions:
Total organic carbon TOC:

Hydrochloric acid (HCl):

Hydrofluoric acid (HF):

Sulphur dioxide (SO2):

Nitrogen oxides (NO2):

Carbon monoxide (CO):

Heavy metals:
Cd and Ti (total):

Sb,As,Pb,Cr,Co,Mn,Ni,V,Sn (total):


Dioxins and furans:

Concentrations are given at 11% O2 by volume in waste gases and 6% for biofuels

Are there any special requirements regarding flue gas emissions?:

Are there any special requirements regarding wastewater, noise or any other emissions?:

Are there any agreements / arrangements with other suppliers of individual components?:

Supply of auxiliary fuel for starting and WID requirements (NG, LPG):

5) Other
Are there any special requirements for operation and maintenance?:

Are there any financial / investment requirements?:

Additional comments:

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