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Solid-fired boilers Kriger - Ukraine, Zhitomir. Solid-fired boilers Kriger - Ukraine, Zhitomir.
Company Krieger vertically integrated energy holding uniting: Kotlozavod Krieger, Krigerkotloservis, Krigerenergiya, Krigerbeyk. Provide full business building turnkey associated with production of heat energy: the selection and development of equipment manufacturing TM Krieger, reconstruction and new construction of boilers, technology, production and sale of thermal energy, logistics, supply of biofuels, support technology development of thermal energy.

Development, production of solid-fuel boilers with capacity up to 3.5 MW, with a humidity of fuel and 55%, solid steam boiler manufacturer, up to a 15 t / h, gas water-Grain boilers up to 3,5 MW, mechanized warehouses feed fuel systems, auto-matic cleaning of the inner surfaces of boilers and ash disposal. Exclusive official representative of the company "Kriger" on the territory of the CIS and the EU , the implementation of the boiler and heat -technical equipment. Project in kind, construction, installation, commissioning (boiler room "turnkey "). Warranty and service-related activities boiler and process equipment. General contractor in construction in the proof, engineering work. Heat production in solid fuel fired boilers TM "Kriger" using unconventional or renewable energy sources. Supply of steam and hot water. Manufacture and sale of biofuels from local fuels in accordance with specifications, logistics supply chain.
Permission to work high-risk 2594.10.30-51.90.0
Certificate TUV NORD 78 100 046607
Certificate UA1.013.0076692 (Ukraine).
Certificate ROSS UA AE 86.01929 (Russia)
Permission 15-903-2010 (Belarus)
Certificate of the European Union 812990002
The license 50 1397 21.01.2010.
The license for the production of thermal energy 440772.
The license for the sale of thermal energy
Permission to work high-risk 2594.10.30-51.90.0 04.08.2010.
TU U 20.1-36169844.011-2011 fuel chips
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