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Who we are

KRIGER is a group of companies aiming to provide you with energy

For 20 years we have been exploring the market trends for biomass boilers, we produce compliant high-quality solid fuel boiler equipment, as well as organize storage, logistics and sales of solid fuel. Due to our experience and concentration on the individual needs of the customer we are trusted by users from all regions of Ukraine and many European countries.

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What we do

We produce high-quality solid-fuel boiler equipment

Water boilers, superheated water boilers, steam boilers, boilers for the production of superheated steam, thermal oil boilers, heat generators, extended furnaces and gas boilers.

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Кто мы

20 years in the market

More than 3,000 projects implemented

140 highly skilled workers

5 personal energy facilities

The full cycle of work on a turnkey basis